10 Easy Natural Hairstyles to Add to Your Inspo Board

I’ve always thought of my hair as having a mind of its own, especially when I’m in between washes. Some days (with the right products, that is) my hair is soft, manageable, and tangle-free, while others it seems to want to ride the disaster train a little too hard.

To be honest, I’ve always struggled to embrace my natural texture. I have thick, tighter curls that were tough to manage growing up. So naturally, I turned to heat styling to help alleviate the burden a bit. A few years (and a lot of heat damage) later, I decided it was time to truly embrace my unrefined texture and learn to style my hair other ways. Of course, I went down a Pinterest hole to look for ideas (as one does) and found some surprisingly simple styles that anyone with textured hair can embrace, really. If you’re looking for a few easy natural hairstyles that are sleek and won’t take much extra time in the morning, keep scrolling below for all the looks on my ever-expanding curly hair inspo board.

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