8 Maxi Skirt Styling Ideas for the Summer

Whether it’s from the Y2K resurgence or the current top-dog moment Miu Miu is having in the sartorial world, it’s no secret that micro miniskirts are the It item in fashion right now. And while I love admiring the daring skirts on the runway or for a great Instagram moment, I’m actually leaning towards the style’s more practical counterpart: the maxi skirt. As a modest dresser, maxi hemlines have been a staple in my wardrobe for years, so it came much to my excitement when I spotted the style all over the runways this past year. Since then, the market options have been endless in comparison to before where I would have to do some deep dives to find a skirt that went past my calf.

Styling a maxi skirt is like second nature to me, but I know that’s not the case for everyone, so I shared my favorite outfits that feature that anti–micro mini trend below. From vacation-ready sets to easy tanks and slip skirts, you’ll want to recreate one of these looks  immediately. Keep scrolling and start adding to that summer mood board.

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