9 Editors Review Kimiko’s Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil

I’ve never been a brow-pencil person. Until recently, I swore by Glossier Boy Brow as my one-stop shop for good arches. But something about Kimiko’s brow pencil is too good to pass up, and it’s all in Vincent’s precise formulation. “A good brow pencil has the right texture, tone, and pigment level,” Vincent says. “A pencil that’s too soft will not apply finely and will not have the same longevity as a harder pencil. The ideal texture is stiff enough to deposit pigment in a thin line, like hair, but not so stiff as to tug at the brows.” 

It’s not just the texture of the pencil. Vincent reveals that brow pencils also need neutral undertones to look as realistic as possible since undertones that lean too warm or ashy can look unnatural on the face. The fineness of the pencil also plays an important role. “The finer a pencil’s tip, the more you can control the shape of the brow and naturally fill sparse areas, as well as add overall density without overfilling,” says Vincent. “A brow pencil should have a pigment intensity that can be built up and allow for versatility. This gives it the ability to take the brows from lightly filled to really amplified for a bolder look.”

Kimiko’s pencil is the ideal—fine-tipped, easy to apply, and natural-looking. I’ve seen Vincent twice, and she’s used the shade Coffee on me both times, even though between appointments, I dyed my hair quite a bit darker.

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