AAUP on Laws Limiting Teaching of U.S., Israeli History

The American Association of University Professors issued a statement Thursday condemning legislative attempts to restrict the teaching of racism in the U.S. and the teaching of the history and policies of the state of Israel—namely, legislation that defines anti-Semitism to include political criticism of Israel. “There is a clear connection between recent laws on antisemitic speech and those on teaching about racism. New legislation on antisemitic speech amends civil rights laws to address antisemitism as a special form of discrimination,” the AAUP’s statement says. “But civil rights laws already include antisemitism among prohibited forms of discrimination. Thus, while the growth of antisemitism is a severe threat, it can and should be addressed under existing civil rights laws as religious or race discrimination. These new laws, however, expand the definition of antisemitism to encompass political speech, with several discriminatory effects.”

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