Angels catcher Kurt Suzuki leaves game with neck contusion – Daily News

ANAHEIM —A few minutes after Kurt Suzuki stunned Angels fans by being unable to even walk down the dugout steps on his own power, he was apparently fine.

The Angels catcher suffered a neck contusion when he was hit by a ball during warm-ups between innings on Saturday night. Although Suzuki was briefly unable to support himself down the dugout steps in the moments after he was removed from the game, the fears of his manager were allayed when he checked on him in the tunnel behind the dugout.

“When I walked down there he was fine,” Manager Joe Maddon said. “He was drinking water. He was fine, It was definitely a weird moment.”

Suzuki was taken to a hospital for tests, and it was determined to be just a bruise. Maddon said he was told that Suzuki might even be able to play on Sunday.

Suzuki was warming up right-hander Michael Lorenzen before the top of the third inning when a pitch hit the dirt and skipped toward Suzuki’s head. He turned his head to the left and the ball caught him on the right side of his neck.

Suzuki walked toward the dugout to get medical attention. As he began to walk down the dugout steps, he seemed to lose his balance and several teammates and coaches supported him down the stairs.

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