Apple’s rumoured iPad Pro redesign is making our heads spin

In many ways, the design of the iPad hasn’t changed a huge amount since it first appeared in 2010. Of course, bezels have shrunk and new accessories like the Apple Pencil have massively increased functionality. But the most significant change yet could be on the horizon.

The placement of elements such as the logo and camera setup suggest that, like the iPhone, the iPad is arguably a portrait device that can also be used in landscape mode. But a new report suggests landscape could soon become the default. (In the market for new kit? Check out the best Apple deals.)

The iPad Mini and the Apple Pencil Generation 2 being used.

Could landscape soon be the default? (Image credit: Apple)

According to Twitter user @dylandkt (as spotted by MacRumors), a future version of the iPad Pro could feature a landscape Apple logo on the back of the device (basically rotated 90 degrees), as well as a camera setup on the longer side of the device, rather than the shorter.

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