Architect Quits UCSB Panel Over Plan for Donor’s Project

A prominent architect has quit the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Design Review Committee to protest the university’s proposed Munger Hall project, calling the mostly windowless dormitory plan “unsupportable from my perspective as an architect, a parent, and a human being,” The Santa Barbara Independent reported. The 11-story structure that would house up to 4,500 students, 94 percent of whom would not have windows in their small, single-occupancy bedrooms. The idea, according to the Independent, “was conceived by 97-year-old billionaire-investor turned amateur-architect Charles Munger, who donated $200 million toward the project with the condition that his blueprints be followed exactly. Munger maintains the small living quarters would coax residents out of their rooms and into larger common areas, where they could interact and collaborate.”

UCSB spokesperson Andrea Estrada said, “The Munger Hall project and design is continuing to move forward as planned. We are delighted to be moving forward with this transformational project.”

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