Authoring Tool Marketing Pitfalls To Avoid

Standing Out From The Crowd In An Authoring Tool Directory

They say that patience and perseverance pay off. But sometimes you don’t have the luxury of waiting. Particularly when you’re trying to market your top-notch eLearning tools and bring in new business. You need a marketing strategy that’s cost-effective and targeted. Preferably, one that doesn’t take months to kick in. An authoring tool directory is one of the best ways to improve SEO, build your online presence, and reach your audience. Let’s go over some of the common (and costly) authoring tool marketing pitfalls you should avoid.

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eLearning Promo Guide: Standing Out From The Crowd In An Authoring Tool Directory

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Top Authoring Tool Marketing Pitfalls To Avoid

Focusing On Problems Instead Of Solutions

Every company has its own obstacles to contend with. The same goes for your buyers. They’re looking for eLearning tools that address a specific pain point. While it’s important to touch on their problems, you ultimately need to provide solutions. Many vendors make the mistake of pointing out challenges and then not following through. For example, their CTA mentions low employee engagement or high licensing fees but this information is missing from their landing page.

Not Setting Measurable Marketing Goals

You have a general idea of what you hope to achieve. However, you need measurable goals to ensure that every aspect of your strategy is paying off. How many customers do you need to acquire this month to earn back your PPC investment and turn a profit? Is your primary objective to increase sales stats or get people to attend your live demo? And what is your marketing timeline? You must have evaluation criteria to determine if your marketing campaign is successful.

Overlooking Low-Cost Marketing Tools

Many organizations write off free or low-cost marketing tools because they assume that they’re ineffective. Some even take the cynical approach that you have to spend a lot to make a little. In reality, an authoring tool listing with PPC gets immediate results without breaking the bank. In fact, bids start at five cents and you can set your own spending limits. Plus, you’re able to adjust your budget at any point and focus on new geo-bidding locations.

Waiting For The Leads To Roll In

Every marketing method requires an investment, whether it’s time, money, or customer outreach. You can’t just wait for qualified leads to roll in. You need to engage with your target audience and optimize your landing page to achieve the desired results. An authoring tool listing might be low-maintenance, but there’s still some upkeep involved. For example, evaluate reports to adjust your PPC bidding amount or include more relevant keywords. You should consider pairing it with social media and content marketing to build a rapport with target buyers.

Not Researching Buyers’ Needs

You need to do a little online digging to find those pain points I mentioned earlier. The core of your marketing strategy should be buyers’ needs and expectations. What’s missing from their current authoring software? Why do they need a new tool to achieve their online training objectives? More importantly, how do your features deliver the real-world benefits they need to improve ROI? It all boils down to the value-added proposition. You have to do your homework to find out what they’re looking for, then customize your marketing strategy to touch on all the key points.

Being Too Pushy With Qualified Leads

Pushy “hard sell” words make buyers feel uncomfortable. Everyone who visits the online directory is a qualified lead; otherwise, they wouldn’t take the time to evaluate listings. So, you just need to point them in the right direction and tell them why your product is a cut above. The directory also features authoring tools comparison so that buyers can weigh all the options on their own. They get to evaluate all your features and support services in the directory listing. In addition, you’re able to include a CTA button that encourages them to click without using sales gimmicks and exaggerated claims.


The eLearning Industry directory gets visitors who need to vet vendors and make the best buying decision. Our listings give you the opportunity to edge out the competition and highlight your key selling points without spending a tidy sum. Before you download Standing Out From The Crowd In An Authoring Tool Directory, register your eLearning tools with ELI. It only takes a few minutes to create an account. Then you can submit your listing for review and reach your target audience.

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