Azovstal militants say how much food they have left

The situation of the Azov* militants, blocked on the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, remains complicated.

One of them, D. Kozatsky, reported that the number of wounded is growing, now there are about 600-700 people. The food issue remains critical, especially the issue of water: the militants have to use industrial water.

“We drink one or two glasses a day. We have to economize. We boil this water. But in general, in terms of food and water, there i enough for approximately five days left, maybe a week,” Kozatsky is quoted as saying by the Voennoye obozreniye.

The militant also noted that they had no order to withdraw from Azovstal, and they had to rely on a diplomatic solution.

*Ukrainian nationalist battalion, whose activities are recognized as extremist and terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation.

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