Beloved Filipino Makeup Brand Sunnies Face Makes Long-Anticipated U.S. Debut


When a beauty brand available only in Asia counts scores of top American beauty tastemakers among its most vocal supporters, it has clearly tapped into something special. 

Philippines-based cosmetics company Sunnies Face has never been sold in the U.S. —  until now, it’s been distributed only in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and its home country — and yet it has amassed an impressive list of followers globally, including Pati Dubroff, Hung Vanngo, Fiona Stiles, Allan Avendaño, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Katie Jane Hughes. Sara Tan Christensen, co-host of the “Gloss Angeles” podcast and current Beauty Director at Refinery29, wrote a feature about the brand for Bustle back in 2018, when it debuted, and has proclaimed her personal love for its hero product. Sunnies Face was an instant smash hit in the Philippines: On launch day, the brand’s website hit nearly 3 million views, causing it to crash. 

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