Bijoux, Block, Asante and others depicted on Argenta mural; Sister Rosetta Tharpe mural slated for Arkansas annex building

Argenta mural
Brian Chilson

Staff photographer Brian Chilson caught some photos of a new mural project in an Argenta alley quickly becoming known for its art. (Nearby, murals by Meikel Church and Robin Trevor Tucker decorate the courtyard behind the ACANSA offices.)

Check it out! It’s a who’s who of music in Little Rock: Bijoux, Joshua Asante, Rodney Block (and is that Ryan Hitt and Norman Williamson I see in there?)

Meanwhile, news from Downtown Little Rock Partnership of a three-story-high mural to Sister Rosetta Tharpe came yesterday, expected to be completed in July. Righteous.

Arkansas Annex Building


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