Bop Shop: Songs From Zolita, Giveon, Dove Cameron, And More

Alt-pop singer Zolita has captivated the internet with her viral lesbian romance trilogy. It starts with a high-school coming-out story in “Somebody I F*cked Once,” weaving its way to a college breakup with “Single in September,” and comes to an epic conclusion with new single “I F*cking Love You.” The track itself is a vivacious and triumphant anthem about fully giving into love, with its sticky chorus playing out like a synthy stream of consciousness: “What if I let it slip, tell you that / You’re the only one I’m seeing?” The infatuation in her voice is palpable, as if we’re hearing her come to an earth-shattering realization in real-time: “Oh my god, I fucking love you.” “The song itself is one of the first true love songs I’ve ever released, and I think it perfectly encapsulates the euphoric, terrifying feeling of falling in love, both sonically and lyrically,” she explained in a statement. As for its colorful, larger-than-life visual, which imagines Zolita as a massive pop star in the near future who finds herself reacquainted with the artsy outsider who stole her heart? You’ll have to watch the video to find out if the ending is as jubilant as the song scoring it. —Carson Mlnarik

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