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Employee Pitching Idea to Co-Workers. Getty Images.

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4 Tips on How to Pitch Ideas to Co-Workers (Business Insider)

Brainstorming and ideation takes imagination. Putting your coworker in that frame of mind is essential for a good reception.

How to Be Intentional About Building Your Network (Inc.)

Find an environment that fits the context of your idea. If it’s a risky idea, find a quiet conference room. If the idea requires a favour, meet up by the espresso machine, like friends do. If the idea is long, go out to lunch. Don’t stand in the doorway of your coworker’s office — they’re just trying to get back to work.

What to Do if You Are Anxious About Returning to the Office (Forbes)

Think about making a trial run where you commute to work before your first day back. If you’re allowed in, take some time in your workplace [to make yourself more comfortable].

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