Careers Counsel | Creating Connections In a Hybrid Workplace

6 Tips for Creating Hybrid Working Connections (CBNC)

Make a list of people you want to connect with. Maybe it’s someone you fell out of contact with, or someone new you just started working with, […] be flexible and empathetic [and] meet people where they are.

How to Enjoy a Job You Don’t Like (Business Insider)

The process of identifying your strengths is a journey, and likely a career-long one. […] Once you’ve got a lead on what you’re uniquely good at, figure out how to tweak your job so it allows those skills to shine. This [way you can] change your job to make it more personally meaningful.

How to Overcome Workplace Anxiety (Financial Times)

Sometimes we can only learn a lesson by going through it. If you are going through this yourself, be patient and try to get perspective. […] If you’re seeing someone else go through it, talk to them about what you can do to help them find more confidence or get more downtime.

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