Coaches Corner Podcast: Interview with Vikings assistant

The Coaches Corner Podcast, starring’s Clint Cosgrove and Eric Lammers, returns with an interview with Tony Sorrentino, assistant wide receivers coach with the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

Below are the time stamps for the interview.

Open: Intro to Tony Sorrentino assistant wide receivers coach for the Minnesota Vikings. Vikings bio | Northern Illinois bio

2:35: Sorrentino gives his coaching background and his career path from start to today.

6:25: While at FAU, Lane Kiffin came in and told him that he was moving Sorrentino from offense to the Director of Football Operations role.

10:20: Sorrentino on staffs that were let go back-to-back years. Discusses if he ever wavered or thought about getting out of the profession.

12:30: Sorrentino on meeting his wife and starting a family while he was coaching for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

19:05: Differences between coaching in college with recruiting versus coaching in the NFL, where it is all football.

28:00: Sorrentino’s mindset and approach to the business when Kiffin told him that he was going to be director of football operations.

33:15: Doing things just because they have always been done that way doesn’t resonate. “Train it, test it, trust it.”

36:50: Talking transfer portal and NIL for a while and different topics surrounding that.

45:50: More on differences between coaching at the college level versus NFL level.

53:00: Transition from coaching at Northern Illinois to the NFL. Is it intimidating and how do you get the players to buy into you?

57:00: Parting thoughts and wisdom Sorrentino can provide to those looking to enter the business. He has pretty much been through it all.


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