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Dan Schawbel HR Bartender Show talking about technology improving the workplace

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In today’s business world, there’s so much information available online that people sometimes don’t know what to trust or how to use it. Organizations and individuals need to figure out how to effectively have a relationship with technology.

Which is why, in this mini-season on Talent and Technology, I wanted to speak with Dan Schawbel. He’s a New York Times bestselling author and managing partner of Workplace Intelligence, a research and advisory firm helping HR adapt to trends, drive performance, and prepare for the future.

Long considered a go-to authority on HR, talent, and leadership, Dan has spent his career researching and advising on workplace and career success. Through dozens of studies, he has exposed some of the biggest work trends of our time, such as the skills gap, the 4-day workweek, and the burnout epidemic, which have been highlighted as cover stories in The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, and HR Magazine.

His latest book is “Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation”.

Dan Schawbel HR Bartender Show podcast talking about technology improving the workplace

In general, we are becoming a “more tech” society. That means organizations need to provide technologies that help employees do their jobs well. As individuals, we need to keep our skills current. Creating a balance between everything – work, life, tech – will be essential. Notice – I didn’t say easy. I think maintaining a healthy and productive relationship with technology will be a constant juggling act.

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During the show, Dan mentioned a couple of research studies that you might find interesting: Case Study: WeWork on a “Hybrid Workplace” and The digital transformation dilemma: U.K. employees want pandemic-era tech to stay, says research. Also, be sure to check out the Workplace Intelligence Expertise Exchange.

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