Elle Fanning’s Imperial Maternity Gowns in ‘The Great’ Reference Simone Rocha, Cecilie Bahnsen and ’90s Lacroix

Warning: Spoilers for episodes one through three of ‘The Great’ season two, below.

“You liked what I wore at the coronation?,” asks Catherine (Elle Fanning) to an admiring group of Russian imperial court tweens in season two of Hulu’s “The Great.” After seeing their newly-crowned Empress’ resplendent ceremony ensemble, the young ladies now feel inspired and invigorated to pursue an education previously denied to them. 

In creator Tony McNamara’s wickedly irreverent and modern interpretation of the early reign of Russia’s longest ruling female monarch, Catherine the Great, this moment teaches a ripped-from-the-history-books lesson: Fashion is a powerful a tool to help inspire change. 

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