Fact or Fiction: Alabama is the biggest threat to flip Domani Jackson

Rivals national recruiting director Adam Gorney and national recruiting analyst Sam Spiegelman along with Eric Lammers of and Ryan Young of tackle three topics and determine whether they believe each statement is FACT or FICTION.

1. Penn State commit Drew Allar is a top-three
quarterback in the 2022 class.

Drew Allar

Drew Allar (Nick Lucero/

Gorney’s take: FICTION. Drew Allar has proven enough through the summer and through his senior season to move up in the pro-style rankings as I don’t think there are 10 better players at that position alone but it’s going to be a tough debate to get him into the top three at the position. Cade Klubnik continues to be really impressive and my vote goes to Connor Weigman as either the No. 1 overall QB in the class or definitely the No. 1 dual-threat. That leaves Allar up against Georgia commit Gunner Stockton, LSU pledge Walker Howard, Alabama pledge Ty Simpson and current USC commit Devin Brown. Allar is in that conversation but is he the best of that bunch? That’s a very, very tough call right now.

Lammers’ take: FACT. It was back in early spring when I really dove into Allar’s film for the first time as I was working through the 2022 class of quarterbacks. He immediately caught my eye then as a potential riser and for me personally I slotted him as one of the top-two pro-style QBs in the class. Allar possesses exceptional arm talent, he can rip it but can also take some off and make the touch throws, which is actually a tougher skill for quarterbacks than some may consider. In addition to raw arm talent, he can get the ball out quickly and accurately. He stands in the pocket with a solid base and maneuvers around with an upper-level feel while keeping his eyes downfield. His legs won’t scare defenses but he is one of the overall bigger QBs in this class and can do just enough that when he does get outside the pocket defenses better respect him. At times he does rely on pure arm strength too much as he disregards his lower body mechanics but this can happen at the high school level fairly easily when you’re just that good. I mentioned earlier I had him as a top-two pro-style QB in this class back in the spring, then Quinn Ewers headed off to Columbus early, so that should tell you where I think Allar ranks now.



2. Alabama hosts five-star USC commit Domani
Jackson this weekend. The Crimson Tide are the biggest threat to flip him.

Domani Jackson

Domani Jackson

Gorney’s take: FACT. Michigan is right there as well but he’s had so many opportunities to flip to the Wolverines and hasn’t done it yet so what would be the impetus to do it later? The only thing I could see is if Donte Williams is not retained on the new USC coaching staff but I do not foresee that happening. As Domani Jackson has said, though, Alabama is Alabama – and that says everything right there. He will see a raucous environment this weekend, see all the NFL development and it could sway him. I still doubt it and think he really, really wants to play at USC and build something special there but the Crimson Tide will have their shot this weekend.

Young’s take: FACT. That doesn’t mean I think they will flip him, but if there’s any school USC fans should be on guard for, it is Alabama. One would think Michigan has had its best chances to sway him already and there doesn’t seem to be any indication that is going to happen. Any visit to Tuscaloosa can be persuasive, though. If there’s a risk for the Trojans, it’s the Crimson Tide, but as long as Donte Williams remains on staff under the next USC head coach I expect Jackson will end up a Trojan.




3. Texas A&M is surging for five-star WR Evan
Stewart and the Aggies will land him.

Evan Stewart

Evan Stewart (

Gorney’s take: FACT. Evan Stewart is unpredictable so a lot of things could still happen in his recruitment but if he’s in College Station this weekend surrounded by other five- and high four-star prospects and the Aggies impress him then their lead will expand and his commitment could be coming. Texas remains a serious option but I get the sense it’s becoming an in-state battle and that Florida and Alabama could be slipping for him. The Aggies are in really good shape here.

Spiegelman’s take: FICTION. Texas A&M is in this more than most people realize. It fits the bill as an SEC team, within Texas, and the Aggies have a major need for reinforcements at wide receiver, which opens the door for the five-star to quickly compete for playing time. With that in mind, I’m still not counting out Texas and there was certainly a period where the Gators had garnered some momentum of their own. Stewart’s decision feels like it’s still weeks away.


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