Hereu Is Making Minimalist Shoes and Bags Inspired by the Past but Made for the Future

We live in an era of peak Instagram brand: Our feeds have become filled with a never-ending supply of quirky, colorful, 2000s-inspired products intended to pop on social media, to the point that I’m actually more likely to stop scrolling when I see something that, well, wasn’t necessarily designed to get me to do just that. This is what happened when I came across a pair of beautiful, timeless brown leather fisherman sandals by a brand called Hereu. Initially, I assumed they were vintage.

In a moment during which footwear has seemed dominated by either ultra-minimalist, barely-there slides and sandals or big, chunky platform boots and loafers, Hereu’s signature woven sandals and T-strap loafers occupy a nice middle ground: something substantial and timeless, and more elevated and refined than, say, a Birkenstock or Dr. Martens. Their price point is fairly accessible as well; most pieces retail between $300 and $500.

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