In ‘Spencer,’ Fashion Helps Tell Princess Diana’s Emotional Story

“A fable from a true tragedy.” 

This brief explainer opens “Spencer,” director Pablo Larraìn’s tale of Princess Diana (played by Kristen Stewart) and her decision to leave Prince Charles and the constraints of royal life over an imagined Christmas weekend. The sentiment can also be applied to Diana’s costumes, which are inspired by the iconic style of the Princess of Wales, masterfully interpreted by two-time Academy Award winner Jacqueline Durran.

“This one’s quite different, though, isn’t it? It’s not my normal style,” says the veteran costume designer, renowned for her expansive period work. (She took home Oscars for the costumes in Greta Gerwig’s Civil War-era “Little Women” and in the late 19th century-set “Anna Karenina”; she received nominations for bringing fantastical fairy tale gowns to life in “Beauty and the Beast” and establishing another preeminent movie dress moment in the circa-’30s “Atonement.”)

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