Joel Embiid punches Lonzo Ball, video

NBA superstar Joel Embiid was lucky not to make more serious contact with opponent Lonzo Ball when he wildly swung a fist that could have knocked out the latter.

It was early during Philadelphia’s clash with Chicago when Embiid drove hard at the defence in the hope of earning a foul.

But when the referee didn’t award one, the NBA All-Star swung around in frustration with a closed fist at the end of his outstretched arm, without looking.

Luckily, Ball – who was moving towards Embiid – was quick enough to stop and duck out of the way.

It appeared Embiid did make contact with Ball but the incident could have been much worse.

The referee blew a technical foul against the 76ers megastar, which infuriated Embiid further.

Embiid, though, was influential in guiding Philadelphia to a 114-105 win over the Bulls.

The incident follows one only a fortnight earlier when Embiid crunched teenage Aussie player Josh Giddey.

Former Australian coach Brendan Joyce was livid with Embiid then, calling it “one of the heaviest and (most) dangerous fouls”.

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