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In seven seconds, singer-songwriter Jonah Kagen delivers a knockout of an opening line, starting off “Barcelona” with a line about how he’s jealous of the Spanish city because “it’s getting to know ya / while I’m crying in Cali alone.” From there, “Barcelona” unfolds like the metropolitan landscape. The track, premiering here on HollywoodLife, beams with Jonah’s skillful songwriting, creating a sun-kissed serenade of longing over long distance. Paired with a sweeping cinematic video that showcases Jonah’s natural charisma, “Barcelona” is poised to be one of the songs circulating around summer playlists for seasons to come.


“This song is for anybody who’s had someone they care about move away,” he tells HollywoodLife. “For me, it was ‘Barcelona,’ but I know the idea of wishing someone hadn’t gone to that place and hoping they would just come back is something many people can understand. Maybe listening to ‘Barcelona’ will let you groove your pain away. Who knows. Give it a shot.”

(Camila Noreiga)

People will be giving Jonah a shot after this track (which was co-written by Michael Pollack and David Kingston) fills their ears. Jonah, a 22-year-old native of Savannah, Georgia, has been building a buzz since his debut single, “Broken.” The 2021 song was a TikTok sensation and soon after it blew up, he signed with Arista and began working on his career. Jonah finished the year by releasing “Moon,” “Summer Feeling” (a collab with Matoma), “Wish You Did,” and “Catching a Dream.”

(Camila Noreiga)

Jonah’s early work showcases his technical prowess. As a young child, he picked up the guitar and followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, a jazz musician who introduced Jonah to how the instrument could be graceful with precision. After discovering guitarist Andy McKee’s fingerstyle technique, Jonah continued to refine his passion for playing.

The effort resulted in a pair of his more dynamic songs yet – “Turbulence” and “Drowning,” both released during his month-long U.S. tour supporting Maisie Peters. With undeniable skill, a natural charm, and the kind of songwriting that grabs you from the first note, it won’t be long before Jonah is headlining his own tours. Maybe he’ll even play Barcelona?

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