Kacey Musgraves Wore a Leather Corset With $80 Naked Shoes

Celebrities wearing expensive designer shoes is par for the course, so when someone steps out in an affordable pair, our ears definitely perk up. Kacey Musgraves just offered up an excellent idea if you’re looking to buy a pair of cool heels under $100: Aldo’s Acaeclya Dark Brown Sandals ($80). In case you were wondering, this is confirmation that yes, “naked” heels with see-through details are still happening. 

In true celebrity form, she mastered the high-low mix with an outfit that hit on two different majorly popular trends—corsets and faux leather—but also featured wallet-friendly shoes. Musgraves wore a Miaou Leia Vegan Leather Corset ($265) and Junior Vegan Leather Pants ($430), which are pricey but great investment pieces if you ask me. Scroll down to shop Kacey Musgraves’s newest outfit. 

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