Learning Experience Designer (80–100%) Job at getAbstract

We’re looking for someone with a startup mind and “why not?” attitude. You have a certain skillset but, really, the vision for the bigger picture and the achievement of the team build the foundation of your motivation and the drive for the everyday tasks, as tedious as some of them may be. 
Tell us more about yourself in a one-A4-page cover letter—we want to see that you’re passionate about what you do, what value you would bring to us, and how you’d learn along the way. We’d love to hear what you’ve achieved and what you’re most proud of. In particular, we want to see your strengths and qualities that make you a great fit for this opportunity.

The getAbstract LAB is a multidisciplinary remote four-person core team, based in CET zones, plus/minus up to two hours. Constantly thinking about how to improve getAbstract for our customers, we’re challenging the status quo and building new products with focus and a strong “Why not?” attitude. We’re an international team of people with multiple skills, passions, and interests, who live out a learning culture where it’s safe to fail fast and use each hurdle as an opportunity to learn.

The LAB is the place that can offer a unique, entrepreneurial opportunity to be a pivotal part in the further development of getAbstract’s learning offer. You’ll enjoy flexible working hours, a high degree of independence, and remote working at a location that works best for you. We’re also fans of continuous education. Join courses, attend conferences, and buy books.

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