Middlebury Student Charged With Hate Crime, Lying to Police

A Middlebury College student faces multiple charges after he reported to police that he had been “jumped” by a group of six to 10 Black students on the remote Vermont campus, injuring his leg, the Addison Independent reported.

Upon investigating the incident, local police determined that the student, Matthew Shanklin, had allegedly initiated the April 23 attack against the Black students, making racially charged comments and assaulting them, according to a press release from Middlebury police chief Tom Hanley.

Shanklin was treated for minor injuries at the local hospital.

The charges against Shanklin, a 22-year-old freshman on the Middlebury men’s hockey team, include simple assault, aggravated disorderly conduct, providing false information to a police officer and hate-motivated crime. He was issued a citation to answer the charges in Addison County Superior Court on June 20.

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