More Plaintiffs Come Forward in Liberty Sexual Assault Suit

More plaintiffs stand to join a lawsuit accusing Liberty University of mishandling investigations into rape and sexual assault if the case is not resolved through mediation, an ABC News affiliate, WSET, reported. Twelve women, mostly former Liberty employees or students, sued the evangelical Christian university in July, accusing the university of having “enabled on-campus rapes” and suppressing complaints.

“Since the Complaint was filed, additional plaintiffs and witnesses have come forward,” a status document filed with the court says. “It is likely that, if the case does not resolve amicably, a First Amended Complaint will be filed on behalf of Jane Does 1-through-22, including certain current students at Liberty University. Defendant Liberty University has requested an opportunity to discuss an amicable resolution prior to the filing of a First Amended Complaint, and specifically asked not to be served or to waive service during that discussion period (so as not to begin the clock of responding to the Complaint or First Amended Complaint.) The parties have begun working on the logistics of the University’s request, and anticipate a mediation in the near-future.”

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