Nazi Images at Antivaccine Rally

Some at a rally against a vaccine mandate at Mississippi State University displayed Nazi symbols, The Columbus Dispatch reported. One person held a photo of the president of the university, Mark Kennum, with the president’s face defaced with a Hitler mustache and a swastika. Another sign said, “Heil State.” (“Hail State” is a Mississippi State fight song.)

The campus Hillel released a statement saying that a vaccine requirement is “not at all akin to the horrors of Nazism, and those horrors must not be belittled in this way … To those who posted the signs, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the egregiousness of the Holocaust in order to understand why the inclusion of Nazi imagery is unreservedly inappropriate in your political messaging.”

Kennum wrote to Hillel, “I condemn the use of these images in that setting — in any setting — on the MSU campus or anywhere. There is no place for such egregious displays.”

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