NBA Finals: Recent US Navy boot camp graduate cheers on Warriors with Bay Area family in Boston

BOSTON (KGO) — A recent U.S. Navy boot camp graduate is cheering on the Golden State Warriors in Boston with her family members who flew in from the Bay Area.

“Lt. Colonel U.S. Air Force Arriving!” announces a U.S. Navy sailor.

But the Lt. Colonel isn’t the only one arriving on the USS Constitution ship in Boston, the oldest commissioned ship in the United States.

Warriors fans Jeffrey and Jennifer De Jesus are too, only they’re in the Boston area for a little more than just the NBA Finals.

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“I just got here straight from boot camp, I’m an E2 Seaman Apprentice,” said Martienne Jenn Cabatingan.

Hugs all around because Jennifer and Jeffrey’s daughter Martienne, just graduated as a sailor from the U.S. Navy’s boot camp and has been stationed here.

“This is actually my first time seeing her in her uniform cause this is our first time in Boston,” said her mom Jennifer De Jesus.

A daughter who took ABC7 News on a USS Constitution ship tour, on deck, and below deck where those taller than 5-foot-3-inches have a bit of trouble standing and getting around, but where actual cannons are shown off.

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Cabatingan is all Navy yes, but she also loves the Dubs.
“So last night’s game I was able to wear the Warriors shirt my mom brought for me it said Curry on the back. It’s actually great because I haven’t seen my family in so long so it really feels amazing having them here with me, sharing the moment watching the game with them,” said Cabatingan.

“We were blessed to see a Boston and Warriors game last night,” said Jeffrey De Jesus.

The Warriors didn’t win but Seaman Apprentice Cabatingan says, she loves Curry and hopes his ankle feels better.

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“I am rooting for him, I do hope he gets better. He is welcome to visit the ship, come aboard, shoot the cannon, or hoist up the flag. He is welcome to do so,” said Cabatingan.

“She just asked permission from the higher rank, ‘Can I tell that I’m a Warriors fan?’ Of course, go ahead baby!” said Jennifer De Jesus.

For more information on visiting the USS Constitution in Charlestown, MA, head to this website.

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