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Finding the right job at the right company often takes time. But we’re here to help in your search—that’s why we’re constantly launching new companies on The Muse.

This list of employers features organizations of all sizes and from many industries, from The U.S. Department of State to premium spirits company Beam Suntory to women’s health and fertility clinic Kindbody. The best part? When you read our company profiles, you get an inside look at what it’s like to work there. For example, learn about the programs at MikeWorldWide that are designed to support employees at every phase of their career, or hear directly from Yieldstreet employees about the company’s collaborative working style.

Not every company is the same, just as you are not like any other applicant. And you may just find your ideal fit—and your next dream job—in the list below.

Discovery company profile
Discovery culture
Working at Discovery

Delivering one of the largest and most iconic content libraries in streaming to millions of consumers around the globe is no easy feat. It requires high levels of collaboration, a willingness to take risks, and a passion to tackle some of the most complex technical challenges. That’s why Discovery DTC cultivates an environment for employees to thrive, whether it’s building all of their tech from scratch to continuously innovate, working at the exciting pace of a startup, or utilizing flexible working hours to enhance collaboration with teams across the world. They think big and hire people who do the same: technologists who love owning a problem and creating their own elegant solutions, and those who are willing to try, fail, learn, and try again because that’s how they will truly build the future.

Doma company profile
Doma culture
Working at Doma

Doma’s vision is to transform the real estate industry by creating an instant digital closing experience. The company’s innovative teams are creating proprietary technology to vastly reimagine how people buy a house. To do so, they’ve created an entrepreneurial work environment where teammates can push boundaries, create, and collaborate while also having fun. They believe people are capable of extraordinary things and by putting employees and customers first, Doma has created a thriving work environment that has been a key component of their success as a business.

U.S. Department of State company profile
U.S. Department of State culture
Working at U.S. Department of State

Each day, U.S. Department of State employees make a difference as they contribute to our global society and defend and advance the United States’ interests and values. They work on the business of diplomacy and high-priority issues that affect our world—human rights, environment, energy, food security, public health, and technology—all while experiencing a unique career.

The U.S. Department of State believes that it takes the diversity of people from all cultures, ethnicities, religions, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds to advance diplomacy. They employ adventurous, adaptable, well-rounded, and strategic problem-solvers from diverse educational, geographic, and cultural backgrounds and perspectives, who want to make a contribution to our global society. If you have the desire to live and work in any country in the world and have the ability to integrate into culturally diverse environments, they have an opportunity for you.

JW Player company profile
JW Player culture
Working at JW Player

At JW Player, they value not just their customers but their employees and the development of their teams. Every individual of the JW Player family resonates with at least one, if not all, of their six company values. What makes JW Player stand out over other organizations is the passion every individual at the company has for their products and clients. As an organization, they value transparency and open communication, and they always welcome feedback from staff of all departments and levels because communication is the bridge to success.

Yieldstreet Inc. company profile
Yieldstreet Inc. culture
Working at Yieldstreet Inc.

Yieldstreet is reimagining the way wealth is created by providing access to alternative investments previously reserved only for institutions and the ultra wealthy. They are obsessed with solving their investors’ problems by building trust and helping them reach their financial goals. They’re building a diverse and collaborative culture of bold and passionate people who decide with data and achieve together.

Beam Suntory company profile
Beam Suntory culture
Working at Beam Suntory

Beam Suntory was created in 2014 by combining the world leader in bourbon and the pioneer in Japanese whisky to form a new company with a deep heritage, passion for quality, innovative spirit, and vision of growing for good.

This business has long-standing roots, but don’t be fooled. Beam Suntory doesn’t look—or act its age. From distilleries to offices to sales jobs in the field interacting with customers on the front lines, this team thrives together in a creative, energetic, and challenging work atmosphere that employees love.

Kindbody company profile
Kindbody culture
Working at Kindbody

At Kindbody, everyone is kind—to themselves, their teammates, and their patients. They treat each other with respect and compassion, speak straight and listen generously, and are open-minded and optimistic. They treat each day like it’s a new opportunity. They are the drivers of change and work hard and get it done. They unapologetically set the bar high, own their mistakes, and recover quickly. They are flexible and scrappy. They are resilient when faced with change.

The team at Kindbody has big dreams and they can’t get there alone. They know that great companies are built by great people and they are committed to building a diverse workforce from day one. Their values help unite them and ensure they continue to do better.

Trimble company profile
Trimble culture
Working at Trimble

Trimble’s team brings their expertise and innovative mindset to solve problems and deliver technologies that improve how the world eats, lives, works, builds, and moves. The company’s welcoming culture is a safe space where people can be themselves and achieve their potential. At Trimble, you get to make a difference in the livelihood of the world by advancing technologies, processes, and solutions that improve industries like agriculture, construction, forestry, infrastructure, and so much more. While you’re at it, Trimble empowers you to find and do the work that helps you grow. The variety of industries they serve and functions they host mean that you, too, can explore different career paths within Trimble.

First Republic Bank company profile
First Republic Bank culture
Working at First Republic Bank

First Republic Bank is a unique place to work. They’re a financial institution, but they believe that personal connections are everything and their success is driven by the relationships they form with colleagues and clients. It’s what sets them apart in the industry.

Banking can have a reputation of being stale and boring, but First Republic offers an entrepreneurial, fun, and vibrant working experience. Obviously, they have their formal roles, but there are opportunities to jump into different departments and projects and work with different colleagues. There are also ample opportunities to grow your skill level and experience. Everyone at First Republic is there to help you perform at your highest level and bring out the best in you.

Paper company profile
Paper culture
Working at Paper

Paper is one of the fastest-growing edtech companies that’s shaping the future of education. If you’re passionate about innovating, educating, and making a difference in the lives of every learner, Paper just might be the place for you. You’ll feel it the second you meet the team—and when you see the impact they have on schools and students. They are driven to build an amazing business like none other, but they’re also fueled by a mission that is much, much bigger. It’s exciting, challenging, energizing, rewarding, and a whole lot of fun.

Hopin company profile
Hopin culture
Working at Hopin

Hopin’s team believes everyone should have access to the people, moments, and experiences they care most about—no matter where they are. The company’s products help organizations and individuals create immersive virtual, in-person, and hybrid events for global audiences.

Hopin’s fully remote, globally distributed team of passionate individuals is committed to improving the way people come together and make connections. Each Hopineer is empowered to contribute to their greatest potential in a work environment that is nurturing, fast-paced, and filled with exciting challenges.

Globalization Partners company profile
Globalization Partners culture
Working at Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners is defining the global remote work and employer of record sector with industry-leading technology. They take immense pride in their innovative approach to developing technology to enable a worldwide interconnected workforce. Although they set a high bar for joining the Globalization Partners dream team, they are committed to rewarding performance and ensuring you can bring your unique, authentic self to achieve great things. Globalization Partners is a rare kind of technology company with an equal number of men and women, as well as different nationalities, ethnicities, religions, and identifications. Growth is their mantra, and they want each member of their team positioned to embrace the limitless opportunities.

Booster company profile
Booster culture
Working at Booster

As a small but rapidly growing startup, Booster does things a little differently. They value safety and that’s why their fuel delivery drivers receive full safety training, including the Smith system driver training. They use data and technology such as handhelds and iPads to make their driver’s deliveries simple and efficient. Becoming a driver for Booster isn’t a sit-behind-the-wheel job. Booster drivers are active and work hard to take care of customers, and the company works hard in turn to take care of its drivers with perks like full benefits from day one, a company stock program, paid time off, a career progression program, and more. Booster’s business depends on their drivers, and their drivers can depend on them to treat them like more than just a number.

Acast company profile
Acast culture
Working at Acast

At Acast, every team member is hand-picked for their unique skills and brings something valuable to the table. They lift each other up, cheer each other on, and work together toward their greater common goal: to connect creators, advertisers, and listeners anywhere and on any device.

Lev company profile
Lev culture
Working at Lev

Lev strives to be the most influential Salesforce consultancy in the galaxy. They do this by hiring and developing top talent and cultivating an environment where they will thrive. They provide Levsters with impactful work, an inclusive culture, and the opportunity to level up in their careers—all while enjoying life outside of work, too. They celebrate the uniqueness of those around them, support their communities, and work to assist in creating equal opportunities at all levels. While they celebrate individuality, their team is brought together by their commitment to provide unparalleled expertise and an out-of-this-world experience to their customers; their drive to shape the future of marketing and the future of Salesforce; and their desire to do right by one another.

Dooly company profile
Dooly culture
Working at Dooly

At Dooly, everyone lives and breathes their company culture, and you definitely feel it day in and day out (even though they’re all remote). The company’s senior leadership team is friendly, always willing to help others, and has a “one team, one dream” mindset.

MikeWorldWide (MWW) company profile
MikeWorldWide (MWW) culture
Working at MikeWorldWide (MWW)

MikeWorldWide (MWW) is among the world’s leading independent, full-service PR agencies, with talent hubs across the U.S. and U.K. The company’s teams do exciting, meaningful, and impactful work for exceptional brands, organizations, and institutions. Their work spans industries ranging from professional services to food and nutrition, beer and wine to travel and tourism, and sports and entertainment to technology and automotive.

MWWLife, a robust suite of benefits, programs, and initiatives, is designed to support employees’ experience during every phase of their career. Forged in the spirit of flexibility and growth, it’s all about the freedom to live your best life both personally and professionally, and embodies the culture of caring they cultivate at MWW.

Scholly company profile
Scholly culture
Working at Scholly

Scholly is dedicated to developing a comprehensive, game-changing academic success platform for students, parents, and institutions that aims to help all individuals access and afford the higher education opportunities they desire. Scholly is an easy way for high school, undergraduate, and graduate to get matched with personally tailored scholarships.

Scholly is a fast-paced company full of camaraderie and hard work. With its team’s collective experience in education technologies, operations, marketing, and branding, the company is solidifying its platform and strengthening its business in order to better achieve its vision to help all students reach their potential.

Here at The Muse, we partner with a lot of great companies to bring you insider looks at their offices and awesome job listings. These employers pay us to be featured on the site, but these Muse-worthy brands made this list not just because they want to be included, but because their culture, policies, and employee feedback showed us that they deserve to be.

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