Oakland residents rally to save 100-year-old Sycamore trees

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — On Friday, Oakland residents found a “no-parking” sign informing neighbors about a plan to replace a city pipeline. However, some residents weren’t happy about the new plan as it will cut down three 100-year-old Sycamore trees.

Tree supporters are expected to rally at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday to gather petition signatures. They will meet near the intersection of Kingston Avenue & Monte Vista Avenue. Community members have started a change.org petition, asking people to sign and stop the cut-down.

Residents shared their feelings about the trees on the petition’s site. Many believe the trees are both needed for the environment and a part of Oakland history.

So far, 235 people have signed. The goal posted online is set at 500 signatures. The city plans to start the removal on Monday.

Officials released a statement on their website about the Monte Cresta Cluster Pipeline Replacement, a project that would “install a new water pipeline to improve water service in your Oakland neighborhood.” Removing the trees would assist the construction of the project.

Supporters say the trees may be subjected to Oakland’s Protected Tree Ordinance, which can protect trees from being removed in the city.

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