Philadelphia sisters open Dope Botanicals herbal wellness shop to align your body’s energy

Philadelphia, Pa — In Philadelphia’s Center City section is a brand new store called Dope Botanicals, and it’s all about aligning your own energy.

The new herbal wellness shop on the 200 block of S. 20th Street is the work of two local sisters who want you to feel good and heal good.

For Sisters Nakia and Taahirah Stith, herbal wellness has been lifelong and homegrown.

“Our dad came home and changed everybody’s life,” said Taahirah. “He said, ‘We don’t eat that anymore.'”

Nakia said, “We like to say we were plant-based before it was a trend.”

The Stiths’ opened Dope Botanicals in November.

“We make cool herbs,” Taahirah said. “Dope botanicals.”

It’s an apothecary of plant-based remedies in the heart of Rittenhouse.

“We’ve really tried to create a place where you come in an urban setting for urban wellness to feel good now,” said Nakia.

The tinctures, teas, and tonics are all personalized.

“Everything we do is done in-house,” Nakia added. “Your product line is created here. The juice is pressed here. The smoothies are tested and created here.”

The vibe is also certified organic.

The sisters are trained herbalists and wellness warriors.

From stress to sleep — to brain fog and anxiety and beyond, the Stiths say there’s an elixir for everyone.

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