Season 3 Newbies: Here Are The All Stars’ Original MTV Cast Photos

This All Stars season, host TJ Lavin has “upped the ante” with the cast of Challenge veterans. Some know what it takes to win in this spinoff series, some have competed and did not prevail, and others are brand-new to this specific game.

It’s tradition around here to look back at the players’ original Real World and Road Rules cast photos — peep these Season 1 and Season 2 throwbacks — to remember where they began on this network. Regardless of whether or not they have competed recently or years ago, chasing that elusive title or multiple gold medals, the players below all share this common denominator: They are all All Stars rookies!

Check out the roundup of the All Stars Season 3 newbies below, and do not miss the premiere on May 11, streaming exclusively on Paramount+!

  • Cynthia Roberts

  • Jordan Wiseley

  • Kailah Casillas

  • Nia Moore

  • Roni Martin

  • Sylvia Elsrode

  • Veronica Portillo

  • Wes Bergmann

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