Shayna Baszler to face Liv Morgan at Clash at the Castle

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: Another week and another edition of Friday Night SmackDown awaited the WWE Universe. This week’s Friday Night SmackDown…

WWE SmackDown LIVE Results: Another week and another edition of Friday Night SmackDown awaited the WWE Universe. This week’s Friday Night SmackDown streamed live from Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina.

Gauntlet match: The Gauntlet match started with Sonya Deville and Aliyah. Deville commenced the match with a knee to Aliyah followed by a spine buster. However, Aliyah countered Deville with a neck breaker but failed to keep her momentum in the match. Soon, Aliyah gets eliminated by Sonya Deville.

Next in line, Raquel Rodriguez comes in to face Sonya Deville. Raquel gave a rough start to the match and delivered multiple strikes to Sonya Deville. Although Sonya Deville gave her best to defend herself, she failed to stop Raquel Rodriguez. Later, WWE fans saw Raquel delivering a splash from the second rope followed by a Texana bomb eliminating Sonya Deville.

Later, Shotzi stepped in to face Raquel Rodriguez. Shotzi tried to attack Raquel Rodriguez, but she failed to keep her momentum in the match. Further, Raquel Rodriguez eliminated Shotzi with a powerbomb. Soon, Xia Li stepped in as the fourth competitor. Xia Li targeted Raquel’s knee but once again Raquel eliminated another competitor with a Texana bomb.

With 3 eliminations, Raquel Rodriguez stood strong in the ring. WWE fans saw her competing against Natalya, who targeted her injured ring. Later, she caught Raquel in the sharpshooter, but Raquel grabbed the ropes to escape the submission. However, Natalya’s match came to an end after Raquel delivered a Texana bomb from the top rope.

Shayna Baszler entered as the final competitor to face Raquel Rodriguez. The former NXT Women’s Champion humiliated Raquel and caught her in her chokehold submission. WWE fans saw Raquel struggling with the chokehold and ended up with a defeat after a pinfall.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ludwig Kaiser: The King of Strong Style competed in a contender’s match for the Intercontinental Title against Ludwig Kaiser. The former NXT tag team champion started the match with heavy fists on Nakamura. However, the King of Strong Style counter kaiser with a knee and continued his mixed combination moves, followed by a running knee.

The match continued with Nakamura’s combination moves to decimate Ludwig Kaiser. Later, the former Intercontinental Champion delivered a german suplex. Later, Gunther and Nakamura had a brief confrontation. Although Kaiser tried his best, he failed to defeat Nakamura. In the final moments of the match, the King of Strong Style delivered a Kinshasa to win the match.

Happy Corbin vs Ricochet: After a backstage brawl, Happy Corbin and Ricochet competed for one on one to kick off Friday Night SmackDown. The one and only started the match with heavy moves to disrupt Happy Corbin’s momentum. Ricochet delivers some combination kicks to Corbin and a high-flying dive on the sidelines.

However, Happy Corbin countered Ricochet and brought his momentum back into the match. He unleashed his frustration on Ricochet, knocking him out on the sidelines. Once again, both men fought hard in the ring, where both tried to pin each other with unsuccessful attempts.

In the final moments of the match, Pat McAfee teases Corbin from the commentary desk. In the meantime, the former Intercontinental Champion knocked Corbin on the ropes and delivered a recoil followed by a shooting star press to win the match.

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