The Second Coming of Alexis Bittar

Though his name was on the doors of stores across the country and on display at jewelry departments at various retailers, Alexis Bittar hasn’t been working in fashion for over five years.

Since he sold his business to Brooks Brothers in 2015, Bittar left the industry entirely. “I had two kids as a single parent — I made that conscious decision, because I had 400 employees before, and I wanted to be a present parent,” he says. “It really dovetailed in a great way.”

Bittar started his namesake jewelry line in the ’90s. As the story goes, he began by selling his sculptural costume pieces on the streets of New York City. They got the attention of buyers and editors, and the brand blew up. By 2012, Alexis Bittar was sold at some of the biggest stores across the globe, appeared on television and in magazines, built a devoted fan base and got a CFDA Award; that year, TSG Consumer Partners, a private equity firm, came into the picture, at which point the company took a turn towards the corporate. 

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