Ukrainian refugees return home from Poland en masse

The number of Ukrainians leaving Poland exceeds the number of migrants arriving in the country. The same trend is observed in other European countries. Opinion polls have shown that only 17% of Ukrainians intend to stay in Poland forever.

The Economist noted that the main problem faced by Ukrainian refugees in Poland is finding housing and long-term employment. About 600,000 Ukrainians were sheltered by Polish families, other refugees were accommodated with relatives, friends, rent apartments or live in boarding houses.

The government is trying to help deal with this problem by allocating additional accommodations. However, the situation may worsen due to the approaching summer season.

“Polish host families and Ukrainian guests will soon get tired of sharing the same bathroom and washing machine. As soon as the summer season begins in boarding houses and youth camps, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians will have to vacate the premises,” the publication notes.

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