Woman goes viral after trying on grandmother’s honeymoon wardrobe that’s been packed away since 1952

PHILADELPHIA — Conshohocken, Pennsylvania native Marie D’Alessandro honeymooned in New York City in 1952.

In 2022, her granddaughter, Maddy Bill, is going wildly viral on TikTok for wearing her exact same wardrobe.

“I put the clothes on and I was just so taken aback,” Bill said. “And our personalities are very similar. She has been like my best friend since I was a little girl.”

When Marie returned from her honeymoon, she packed the wardrobe away in her now-famous green suitcase, for posterity.

Maddy, a social media specialist in Philadelphia, became the first to unpack the heirlooms, which hadn’t been touched in seven decades. The outfits fit like a glove.

“I wanted to share it with people,” Bill said. “I didn’t expect it to go to this extent, but the fact that it did is really cool because I get to share her with everyone.”

Marie, who is turning 92 this summer, has been giddy about the response.

“There a striped jacket and dress and it’s what she wore to the train station from Philly to New York City on her honeymoon,” Bill said. “She actually told me that seeing me wear it brought her back in time to that special day. It really makes me happy.”

Maddy said she is saving the dresses for her own special occasions in the future.

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