Woman Instead of a Brush: Artist From Tatarstan Paints With Women’s Bodies

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Albert Zakirov, 51, is an artist from Tatarstan who paints pictures with … women. Young naked ladies become instruments in his hands. Albert tried his technique for the first time in 2000. It was a success and he began to develop this unusual style.

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The artist perfectly knows what part of a woman’s body is best for painting.

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One of the Albert’s largest projects is a wall paining in a hotel of Kazan, Tatarstan. The artwork is as big as 6 sq. meters. The client was delighted.

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Albert says he uses the energy that emerges between him and a woman in his art. It’s not always the same, because women are always different. And it’s always interesting. Creation of a new painting turns into a performance for spectators. But, honestly, some of them come to see naked bodies, not art.

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Cafes, clubs and bars of Kazan now have paintings of Albert.

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What do you think about this kind of art?

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Woman Instead of a Brush: Artist From Tatarstan Paints With Women's Bodies

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