Your Ideas to Replace ‘Synchronous’


Bob Ubell started a conversation about the language we use to describe the different aspects of online learning.

His recommendation was to stop using “synchronous” and shift to saying “online” when “referring to real-time teaching in a classroom or virtually.”

I pushed back, floating “live.”

You had much better ideas.

Some suggestions from colleagues, shared over Twitter and through email:

  • Concurrent
  • Virtual
  • Real-time
  • Livestream
  • Remote live
  • Sync
  • Same time
  • Online2G (as in “together”)
  • Remote live
  • C-to-C, for camera to camera
  • Live classes
  • Remote instruction
  • Online live
  • Live online
  • RTT—real-time technology
  • Live sessions
  • Direct (with asynchronous being “mediated”)
  • Live without the drive (as in drive to campus)
  • Instructor-paced
  • Successive
  • Contemporaneous
  • Simultaneous
  • Synchronized
  • Sequential
  • Class-a-thon
  • Open-mic
  • Web conferencing
  • Holo-meeting (as in the holodeck from Star Trek)
  • High-maintenance, ’cause it’s so much work and you never know what’s going to go wrong next.

Any missing?

Any consensus?

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