Your Spring Wardrobe Needs Some Precious Cargo

The white tank top emerged as the surprising runway must-have for Fall 2022, saving minimalists from bright pops of color and giving all of us a respite from contemplating the inevitable return of low-rise pants. The latter were pretty unavoidable across all four stops of the fashion month circuit, meaning it was only a matter of time before they came for our closets. However, there’s another nostalgic trend emerging that offers a clever way around the low-rise revival. 

Cargo pants — yes, the military-derived, practically-pocketed bottoms you might associate with Kim Possible or Cadet Kelly, if you were a Disney Channel Kid — present an alternative to wearing slouchy jeans so low that underwear becomes outerwear, getting the sartorial stamp of approval from Rihanna and Zendaya, as well as plenty of upcoming fall collections. Now, the style doesn’t have the best rep: Some might seem too baggy to style, others look like a trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods gone wrong. Haters of the utilitarian trouser can stay haters, while the rest of us embrace its roomy, multifunctional existence. 

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